For the woman over 40 who feels lost in a body she no longer recognizes. 

If you're in the middle of the menopause mayhem, you know it's no cakewalk.
Constantly tired, wrestling to fit into your favourite jeans, and just generally feeling out of whack.
Those once-beloved outfits? Now they're more like a daily reminder of the strange body changes you're going through.
And the advice? Oh girl, it's all over the place. Some swear by fasting, others by hitting the pavement for a run, or taking expensive herbs and supplements. It's info overload, most of which you've already tried with no success, and you're left scratching your head, not to mention frustrated and seriously worn out.
This whole ordeal has flipped your life upside down, and you're stuck in a cycle of confusion, misery, and exhaustion. 
Does any of this sound familiar to you? 
You are not alone, and you don't have to live like this.


 "Lose Inches, Gain Strength, and Rediscover Your Radiance."


Not too long ago, I realized that women over 40+ are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to proven methods for dropping unwanted body fat without losing precious muscle tissue and becoming exhausted. 

My Story

I started to experience a fast decline in almost every way about a year after my hysterectomy.
As a personal trainer since 2001, I've seen the struggle that many of my clients over 40 experience; gaining excess inches around the middle, feeling exhausted and frustrated.
I decided it was time to apply the fitness and nutrition strategies that I used to help them to be successful, on me.

I know that if you’re struggling with knowing what to eat and how to exercise to create vibrant health and fitness for years to come, you might feel that way, too.
The thing is, the path to healthy & strong can be SO much simpler.
It wasn’t until they started taking time for themselves, eating like athletes, lifting heavy weights, and getting the movement they needed, that their metabolism  rebalanced, allowing their body to achieve a healthy weight, strength and energy.
Eating like a bird and burning yourself out, is not the answer. And yet, it’s what many women do, trying to find health. 
Instead, I have found that shifting to a diet higher in protein and fibre than you might expect and performing exercise that doesn't add to your stress load, is SO much more effective for transforming body composition than starving/ binging and burning yourself out.
In fact, I’ve tested it over and over again, and turned it into a method that WORKS.

Using this method has been an absolute *GAME CHANGER*...


If you’re ready to create a more stable foundation of health and fitness, one that benefits all aspects of wellness with the added benefit of remarkable aesthetics, join The Healthy Goddess Project.

The C.R.O.W.N. method 


Cultivate a positive self-image, and adopt sustainable lifestyle habits to walk the next chapter of your life with a strong inner confidence. Imagine having a clear vision of what you now want out of life, setting smart, realistic goals and taking action to achieve them. When you walk into a room, do you feel confident like you own it? You can learn to become more confident by changing some of your mindsets and practicing skills of confidence. Most of us can benefit from brushing up in this area from time to time. I think you'll enjoy this. Realigning with your inherent value is empowering and extremely rewarding . 

Resistance Training

Many women shy way from weight training because of their uncertainty around what to do, getting injured or getting "big". These are valid concerns but,  It's my intention, through this program, to debunk those myths and help you gain the confidence to "own your resistance training" and understand the numerous benefits you can expect from it. And, if you're already quite familiar with lifting, I hope to renew your interest and take you to a new level. You will be guided to perform the exact exercises that offer the most benefit for improving body composition (increased muscle & bone density), doing them safely and effectively, with a specific intensity and frequency. Expect to commit 20+mins, 3x per week.

Access to full video workouts with me makes it easy get the right form and stay inspired.


Offset Stress /Hormone Balance 

We can't eliminate all stress in our lives (would be nice!) but we can address the role of hormones (specifically cortisol & Insulin), sleep quality, and stress management in body composition transformation. By understanding the link between stress and weight gain and adopting simple offsetting habits, to you can begin immediately implementing ways to reduce your overall level of stress . 

Walking/ Mobility /Balance

A common trait that I see in women over 40 who are not getting the health and fitness results they want, is a lack of non-stress (cortisol) producing  movement... and it's not all their fault. Life gets very busy and a lot of that centres around driving and sitting (often at a computer) In the HGP you'll create a foundation for circulatory health benefiting your joints and organ function, by building more purposeful movement, and targeted mobility into your everyday routine. You'll also have the opportunity to join me for video sessions of ELDOA (mobility and decompression). Having a simple body care routine that keeps your joints in alignment, preventing damage and injury, is essential for reducing joint pain now and in the future.



Specific nutritional guidance to fuel your body, boost-aging metabolism naturally, and promote overall well-being. Rediscover foods that you love, learn to eat more intuitively and without  guilt, enjoying every bite. Good nutrition practices heavily influence the positive physical benefits we love (energy, health from the inside out, mood, recovery, etc) . Expect to prioritize protein and eat a wide variety of fresh, whole foods. This program includes Done-For-You Meal Plans, as well tools to create your own.

What's Included:

12-week complete step-by-step program to guide you from confused, stuck, and puffy, to strong, energized and confident, using the 
C R O W N Method, with instructional videos, work sheets and more
($997 value)


  • 10-Day Detox protocol with success manual, meal plan, grocery list¬†
  • 21- Day Healthy Keto Plan with success manual, meal plans and weekly grocery lists¬†
  • 28-Day Transformation with success manual, weekly meal plans and grocery lists¬†
  • Weekly live group Q & A sessions with¬†me for real-time support¬†
  • Exclusive Healthy Goddess community and accountability¬†
  • 20+ video workouts with¬†me including Sculpt, BodyGym, Get Supple (regeneration/mobility/stretch)¬†

    Program Begins January 8th

Over $2,999 value for only $997+hst


Meet Your Coach

Sarah’s professional tool box for fitness success is extensive. Nominated for personal trainer of the year for GoodLife Fitness Clubs in 2002, and Reader’s Choice Award for Favourite Bootcamp 2019 in Collingwood, ON., she is the owner of GoodEnergyCoach, a boutique fitness studio in downtown Collingwood since 2007. Sarah’s personal fitness achievements include OCAA women’s cross-country champion 2000, podium finisher at several Olympic distance du-athlons across Ontario, the SanDiego Marathon, and medal finisher at the 2019 GNC/ALLMAX Naturals Body Building Competition in Kitchener, ON.

100% Happiness Guarantee

Are you ready to finally get the health & fitness you want?!?‚ÄĚ

You could try going it on your own, OR you could save yourself tons of frustration and time by investing in a system that is guaranteed to work. This is exactly why I created The Healthy Goddess Project, to help women, like you, reach their goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

In addition to feeling amazing, I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee! I’m so passionate about what I do here at GoodEnergy Holistic Fitness and I 100% believe in it, which is why I don’t want you having any reservations about signing up. If you’re not happy after 14-days, I will issue you a full refund. This is how much I believe in this program and how much I know you’ll love it once you start! 



One easy payment

  • 12 Weeks of Weekly¬†Video Coaching Calls
  • Library of Training Modules
  • Private online community¬†



3 Monthly Payments of $397

  • 12 Weeks of Weekly¬†Video Coaching Calls
  • Library of Training Modules
  • Private Online community